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30.09 - 01.10.2020 Palexpo Genève
Serena  Baberis

Dr Serena Baberis

ExpertCare Sàrl

Conférence ENGSE

Healthy organizations (and healthy HR) foster healthy employees

03.10.2019 12:25 - 12:55, Forum GSE (K.20)
The health of an organization can be measured by its culture and various HR indicators, but also by observing things like : What is the real culture? How is the HR Team perceived? How is the company equipped with health favoring initiatives… and how does it measure the effectiveness of such activities?

Simultaneously, new forms of work are setting different expectations to the employment «deal», especially on the employee side. So how can organizations ensure that they foster a healthy culture and a healthy staff in this hyper-connected, hyper-fast, hyper-demanding world of work ?

We’ll bring some concrete examples and exchange with the audiences on what kind of doctoring is needed in today’s organisations : Strategy doctoring ? Health doctoring ? HR doctoring ?Cultural doctoring ? All of these ? We will argue that the workplace needs to create value to staff, enabling them to be in good mental and physical health… and to stay engaged and productive, of course. Finally, we will showc

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